Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apparently "LLoyds Is Pants"

Reading the news today I came across this story.

As someone who often struggles with creating and remembering passwords, how I wish I had Mr Jetley's imagination.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

On the Olympics

On missing the end of the Tour de France.

Sadly, I missed the end of the Tour de France as our holiday cottage had limited tv reception, no internet, and no mobile phone reception.

We picked it that way honest.

Fortunately Big Picture helped me catch up.

It's what the internet is for!

On Delicious Things.


I'm back from walking on Bodmin Moor, struggling to catch up with my feed readers, emails, favourite reads etc. etc.

I've only been away a week and yet so much has happened.

I came across this Delicious post. Watch the movie to learn more.

Finally I know what to call it.

I love the new interface, now all I need to do is edit sort and finish bundling my tags ( as if I will!).