Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Blogging

Here's an insightful quotation from the Wired Blogs.

"Blogging is not about making friends, it’s about expressing yourself truthfully and in the process providing some hitherto unforeseen insight into an important issue or topic of the day. If you make friends, that's a bonus. Real blogging is about shedding the politics and letting it all hang out. Sometimes that honesty yields less than enjoyable results, but other times the honesty of certain blog posts can inspire us all into action or thinking about important issues in a different light."

(via Scripting News)

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  1. This is a wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing. I recently tried explaining to a colleague the difference between a discussion forum and a blog within a Ning network in which we both participate. I might have done a better job had I read this explanation of blogs beforehand.

    I found your blog by way of Mr. Harrington's Ddraig Goch Blog. Happy Blog Day 2007!