Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Tune Glue

As a result of reading Very Short List I came across tuneglue, a site where I have since spent far too long exploring the music of my middle years!

Tune Glue is a "relationship explorer", type in the name of a band or musical artist and the site displays an interesting visual display showing a group of similar artists, clustered around the original query. I love it. The display is a joy, I love the way the clusters bounce on the screen as new entries vie for attention.

I'm not sure that the relationships displayed offer anything I didn't already know, but it is so good to be reminded of groups and artists currently residing on vinyl in my attic.
Selecting Yes as a starting point provided me with links to King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Rush, Genesis, ELP, and Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe. Selecting King Crimson added Camel, Van der Graaf Generator, Robert Fripp and Gentle Giant.

One click brings up a list of each artists releases and track titles, and a quick link to Amazon to allow easy purchase.

I might be spending a lot of money on music in the very near future!

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