Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Baby's Bums, Asda and a Birthday Cake

It has been reported here and here (nsfw), that a mother who attempted to purchase a birthday cake from Asda for her twenty one year old son, featuring a nude photograph of him taken when he was five months old; was told tht the photograph would have to be censored as it showed him nude.

Asda deny thinking that the photograph was pornographic, it's just that their "policy across the board" is that they "don't do nudity of any sort at any age".

In the end staff solved the problem by covering baby David's bum with a star!

Is this the sign of a healthy society?

I wonder do they have a policy about selling cigarettes, or cheap alcohol?

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  1. hi please can u show some pictchers of some birthday cakes from asdas in blackburn ok thanks x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x