Thursday, September 04, 2008

On Google Chrome.

I've not looked at Google Chrome yet (I just love my Mac), but it's arrival on Tuesday has resulted in a torrent of speculation, observation and hysteria.

Yes we might be seeing the next chapter in the Browser Wars, but right now Google chrome is a new untested product. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera have the browser market covered. The new Google product will have to be good to make its presence felt.

Even now with Firefox seeming to be the browser of choice for many of my colleagues, it is still only used by less than twenty percent of internet users.

Somehow I can't see Chrome cutting up that market. Despite that I've signed up with Google to be informed when Chrome for the Mac appears, just in case.

As is so often the case with Google the user agreement paper work for Chrome wasn't quite correct.

More food for thought.

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1 comment:

  1. One has to wonder what Google's motivation is when there are so many other full-featured and polished products to choose from. Well, I suppose it might be a good thing if it means that Google stops trying to subvert everyone else's browser with their confounded toolbars. How do they get people to bundle those toolbars into their installers?