Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama's World post Wednesday November 5th.

Now the dust has settled it might be time to take a breath and look back at a few interesting bits and pieces.

I've been following Obama on Twitter for a while. On the fifth he sent me and 121,064 others this message.

has a fascinating series of articles looking "behind the scenes of the campaign".
Reporters were granted access to "the McCain and Obama" camps on the condition that nothing was published until after election day.
It's hard to imagine that happening here in the UK.

Here's the front page of the New York Times.
Kottke notes that this was only the fifth time the paper used type for it's headline.

There's only one place to go for election pictures. As ever "The Big Picture" has the very best photographs.

An interactive video and a transcript of the President Elect's Victory speech can be found here.

And I've discovered only today that the President Elect has a half sister called Auma, who supports West Ham.

The ever reliable and informed Mashable points us in the direction of, where the President Elect's transition team outlines some of the forthcoming agenda.

I've added the page to my daily reads (can't see a rss feed anywhere)

Dave Winer's observation on the result. Look what he wrote in 2004!

Look at what Silvio Berlusconi said!
According to the Guardian,
"Later, when he returned to his hotel, Berlusconi said his comment that
Obama was "giovane, bello e abbronzato", "was a big compliment," which
only "imbeciles" would misinterpret, Italy's state news wire Ansa
reported. "If some people don't have a sense of humour, then it's their
problem,'' he said."

Comment from Andrew Sullivan and a reader in the Atlantic.

And finally,

from the future. Go Nanobama!

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