Monday, July 17, 2006

More Statistics

My tutor suggested that I read a relatively short document entitled
Internet Inequality in Wales Update 2005. This short report written by Sarah Richards is published by the Welsh Consumer Council.

I would never have thought of looking here for statistical information about the Internet.
But what a gem this report is. Short, concise, well written and informative. Every page a rich source of information.

The report is available to buy or as a free pdf . Guess which option I chose?
The report is short, five chapters and an appendix.
  • Home internet Access
  • Broadband
  • Individual Access inside and outside the home
  • Internet Usage
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Each chapter provides food for thought....

As might be expected the report relates to Wales but the issues are global; indeed reading the report I have been reminded of the Digital Divide which is clearly demonstrated here within fifteen miles of my home. In fact the statistics are staggering :-

In 2005 the percentage of adults with a home internet connection in the regions of Wales was as follows
  • 51 % in North Wales
  • 34 % in Mid / West Wales
  • 39 % in South /West Wales
  • 26 % in the South WalesValleys
  • 48 % in Cardiff / South East Wales
Look at the 26% figure......thats staggering. I want to see the 2006 figures, when will they be published?

How many digital natives live in the valleys?

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