Monday, November 27, 2006


As you can see its been a while since I last posted here.

I'm not going to make excuses, I have none, instead pick one of the excuses to be found here at The F Blog

I love to read blogs, I love to study them, I love to reflect upon them; but the writing of one is not something that comes naturally to me. Its time to work upon that. I need the practice in writing, I need the discipline, I need to embrace the medium I am studying.

My work at Treforest has moved from the world of theoretical thought to the real world of action research. Our project has been running eight weeks now and we have just over one hundred and twenty five students actively engaged in blogging their work. Nothing desperately new and original but we have learned much about the students and ourselves. Its good to be working on something concrete, exploring the gap between theory and practice.

It may be that we can describe the work in a paper...........lets hope.

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