Friday, April 06, 2007

On the State of the Blogosphere

David Sifry has written another quarterly report on the State of the Live Web, with this change of title Technorati indicate that their work now includes all sorts of social media.

As ever it makes for interesting reading. The report is full of fascinating statistics.
Right now Technorati is tracking 70 million blogs, with 120,000 being created every day. No matter how you think about it that is an extraordinary figure.

I struggle as I am sure many do with visualising large numbers
Here's a page that shows one million dots, and here's a clock that counts out the seconds in a day.
Does that help you contemplate 70 million blogs?

Sifry notes that the rate of doubling of the blogosphere has slowed; and interestingly that the rate of posts created each day has also slowed. The report also suggests that "a significant number of people who are blogging are doing it during work hours."

I was also interested in the report comments about the adoption of tags. The number of people using tags is growing fast, by February 2007 35% of all posts tracked by Technorati used tags, with about 2.5 million blogs posting at least one tagged post.

I still can't but help wonder about dead, non active , abandoned or neglected blogs.
There must be many blogs just sitting out there in cyberspace, I presume that Technorati still counts them.

Those of you interested in the state of the UK blogosphere might be interested in this list at Modern Life, to my shame I don't read any of them regularly except for

I shall check them out over the next couple of days!

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