Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On using Facebook

Now, here's a truly interesting idea.

"Create Engaging Web Applications Using Metrics and Learning on Facebook"
is a new course at Stanford where
"Students will build applications for Facebook, then gather and analyze detailed information about how Facebook users actually use them. Students will focus on using detailed numerical measurements to guide software iterations, just like developers do on thousands of existing Facebook applications."
Perhaps here we shall find a real purpose for Facebook in education. I can't find the course on the internet, but it has a group.
"Students in the class will work in groups of three, first developing an application designed to appeal to most Facebook users.

Groups will then develop a second application, more closely focused around helping students use Facebook for education, such as a way for students to share class notes with each other.

They’ll be graded based on how many Facebook users they can get actively using their applications."
It would be great if they come up with some really useful educational applications, because if we are honest not many exist ....... yet.

I'm not convinced that the students should be graded accorded to the number of application users, but perhaps there's far more to their assessment than the Venture Beat article suggests.

I'm quite interested in B J Fogg's suggestion that academic computer scientists need to consider "the nuts and bolts of creating software people want to use."

He has a point.

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  1. I found the idea of creating an educational component truly compelling and offered my thoughts at:

    If there is one carrot for students it is relevance. Could there be any greater motivational tool than to ask students to take a cutting edge, pop culture idea and give it their own touch?

    And does anyone know of any other schools offering similar cutting edge courses?

    Tom Hanson