Friday, January 18, 2008

On Facebook Privacy (again)

Now it appears that the Information Commisioners Office (who?) are interested in Facebook's data protection policies.

Someone has complained that they couldn't delete their profile after terminating their account.
We knew that here On a Hill didn't we?

In the world of Facebook the word terminate does not exist, the word according to Facebook is "deactivate" and when you realise that life without Facebook is impossible, all your data is there ready for you to reactivate.

As we noted here if you wish to delete your information from the Facebook servers you must delete every entry by hand, item by item, message by message, wall entry by wall entry, group membership by group membership; which must be such a pain for real Facebook addicts.

I'm not sure you can see a "delete all" button anywhere in Facebook.

Of course one of the issues might just be that the data on Facebook pages is held .....

Tell me, where are the Facebook servers?

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