Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Researching Drunks in Cardiff

I live in Cardiff so it's always good to see the city of my birth in the news.

I walked sober through town last Tuesday afternoon.

It strikes me that further research is urgently needed to determine how it might be made possible for pedestrians to walk the length of Queen Street without :-

  • being hassled by professional charity collectors in tabards (I don't mean sellers of the Big Issue),
  • being presented with leaflets about Chinese medicine and all it's benefits,
  • being eyed up (and rejected) by women with clipboards undertaking market research,
  • being invited into a mobile phone shop by an adolescent in a suit,
  • being approached by a spiv in a suit wondering if I've had an accident worth taking to court,
  • being offered the opportunity of purchasing a guide to the Hare Krishna movement, 
  • being offered the opportunity to purchase one or all of a pair of designer sunglasses, a silk head scarf, my name displayed as a piece of bent wire, AA or RAC membership, a balloon on a stick, a temporary tattoo or a cuddly toy,  
  • running the risk of being run over by a cyclist.

None of those things happen to drunks.


  1. I dont get why they've picked cardiff

  2. Heh heh, the trouble with living in a free country is that other people are free to do things you don't like.