Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On Moblie "Facebook"

When first started to use my iPhone the first app I downloaded was Facebook, which was a mistake because I was a little disappointed.
It worked, it connected with my Facebook, but only just.

Now "Facebook for iPhone" version two has been released and it is SO much better.

A clever interface makes it seem very much like the desktop version with the bonus of no third party applications ( it is a shame they exist). It seems faster to use and is easier to navigate.

Version 2.0 provides happy users with notifications, full news feeds and notifications, a search facility, friend requests (not that happens very often any more) photo tagging and captioning, the entire inbox plus the sent folder and the updates tab.

All with out needing to turn the phne sideways to use the landscape view (which doens't seem available on this app?)

Impressive stuff and it's free!

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