Monday, December 19, 2005

Graduation at Treforest

I graduated today.

The certificate says Master of Science, who would have thought it!
Now I am a graduate of the School of Computing at the University of Glamorgan at Treforest.

Some of you will know that I have graduated before, but this was different.
I was touched by today’s awards congregation; strangely moved, I must be growing old.

The ceremony was like all other degree ceremonies. Academic dress was worn. The great and the good of the college community looked on overseeing proceedings; hard working professors and lecturers were present watching their students receive awards; friends and families armed with cameras and video recorders were present watching with pride. I hope they were truly proud, for the proceedings reflected the work and effort undertaken not only by the recipients of the awards but their lecturers also.

The ceremonial began with beautifully enunciated words in Welsh spoken by an ethereal female voice. I listened carefully for the translation and was reminded to turn off my mobile, the scourge of all public gatherings.

College senior staff, Academic administrators, Professors, Heads of Department and tutors processed in to music, reminiscent of the entrance of the bards at the eisteddfod, and the proceedings began. The programme ran smoothly (due to the hard working administrators who choreographed every move) names were read out and in an instant one at a time we were in front of the Vice Chancellor, our hands held as if in prayer, a word of congratulation, a smile, applause, hands were pressed and I am a Master of Science in Technology for Teaching and Learning.

As my peers received their awards I read the programme of events, this college has a wide curriculum, awards are offered in many subjects but my favourite has to be “The Graduate Diploma in Substance Abuse”. I think I’ve done the practical for that course! If I were to receive such an award it would be suffixed “red wine” in recognition of the Portuguese red I consumed while studying.

Finally anthems were sung and the Academic procession left the platform. Those of us who received awards followed the senior academics out of the hall, to discover that we had to pass between them as they applauded us. I have to confess that that brought a lump to my throat.

We should be applauding them, not them us.
Or is that the teacher in me speaking?

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