Saturday, December 17, 2005


I've been playing with Real Simple Syndication or RSS for short.

With assistance from the article
RSS: A Quick Start for Educators posted by Will Richardson
I've subscribed to

Bloglines is a web based aggregator that collects RSS feeds on my behalf, instead of my having to visit all of my favourite daily sites, the aggregator brings the news to me.

At least thats the theory.

And in practice it works.

I've established some feeds and I can see that it works. I've been testing it with a feed from Kottke and Robot Wisdom...both very busy sites..updated often....not sure that I need to watch their feeds....I know they update daily...however for those sites that are updated rarely this is super....

I can make my feed available to my share it..or keep it private....for now I shall keep it private....but I can see that it might help my researches....

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