Thursday, December 15, 2005

So Much to Do.

I am so lazy,
well thats what I think.

I don't think its true, but I can't help but think it!

Every time I meet my tutor I begin with the words I've not done much work, but as we start to talk I realise that I have been working quite hard, I may not have anything concrete to show for it, but my thoughts, my reflections, my ideas arising from my reading are my work. In time some of my thoughts will find their way onto paper, or into cyber space via this Blog, so perhaps I'm not that lazy.

This Blog is to help me in my work.
I need to become used to recording my work here.
I have never kept a reflective paper based journal, I've kept factual work related journals...meetings attended, appointments kept, notes of important conversations but a learning journal (for that's what this is) is different.

I am finding it difficult to find a voice, difficult to be spontaneous, difficult not to be self critical about my thinking and writing, difficult to blog with regularity, difficult to press the "publish post button". Why?

I hope that this Blog will help me be disciplined in my work, so here's my immediate to do list.

1. Finish playing with this template, ie get the side bar sorted
2. Join the PhDweblogs group
3. Join Deli
4. Join Bloglines
5. Work on my questionnaire
6. Become an Amazon associate (why?)
7. Get my Blogroll sorted.
8. Sort out my favourites / bookmarks lists in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The list is not in any order but these things need to be done.
Publishing it here makes it public....if I don't get these things done soon....

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