Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anything but what I should be doing

I wanted to write about this last night but.......

Rebecca has shown us the work of Piers Steel and his formula for calculating our procrastination response.

More than that she points us towards Procrastination Central where one can spend several happy hours discovering all there is to know about procrastination!

Do the test! Explore the links! You know it makes sense.

I've not done the test because I was re reading Paul Graham's magnificent essay on Good and Bad Procrastination.
Read it ..... learn how to do it well.

To be serious for a moment, Rebecca's Pocket is one of the great blogs. Rebecca has been blogging since 1999 and should be on every one's favourites list. Her book is a classic and can be found in the library at Treforest.

Rebecca's blog posts use very few words, but are eloquent.
When will we learn?

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