Thursday, January 04, 2007

Person of the Year!

Its that time of the year for lists, lists of books, blogs, cds, dvds, web sites, people, places, things to do, things done, things dreamed of, things regretted etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Many newspapers, television programmes and the well known blogs are carrying such lists. My favourite source has to be fimoculous where a list of 650+ such lists can be found! I cannot help reading them, in fact I enjoy reading them. I enjoy the buzz that comes from seeing a book that I've read in a list of books of the year, and perversely I enjoy reading a list and wondering why a cd, dvd or film I've enjoyed isn't part of the list.

Even the University bloggers have entered into the frenzy offering lists of science fiction. I was delighted to discover that I've read and enjoyed many of the listed books and watched most of the films.

Time magazine opted out of chosing a person of the year for 2006. Instead in a clever piece of a writing they suggest that the person of the year for 2006 is anyone who has contributed to the mass of information that has been stored, shared or distributed on the Web; and thats you and me! Well it would be you if you left a comment!
They suggest that our contribution has been made possible by the new Web, the read write web, the strangely labelled Web 2.0.

Which leads us to consider what is Web 2.0. Ian Delaney offers us some help here. Over the next couple of days I intend to work my way through his excellent list of 10 Free eBooks about Web 2.0 and think about his 10 Definitions of Web 2.0 and their Shortcomings.

In exploring this Web 2.0 I have come across two items that caught my eye and made me laugh.
(Sadly if you are not a Mac user there's little point in following the links as they require Mac OSX Tiger and an isight type camera.)

Its time for you to buy a Mac.

Happy New Year.

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