Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Gradatim Ferociter" the search goes on

Well, my blog stats are now back to normal, interest in the Blue Origin project seems to have died away.

Analysis of my statistics shows that for every 100 visits On The Hill received from Americans searching for information about "gradatim ferociter" we received 10 from the UK.
I'm no statistician, those figures could indicate more interest in private space flight in the USA than in the UK, or they could mean that there are more internet users in the USA. Its hard to tell.

I read somewhere that Jeff Bezos posted the test flight video to assist in the recruitment of staff. That makes sense.
I wonder how recruitment is going?

Their standards are high.

"Our hiring bar is unabashedly extreme, and we insist on keeping our team size small. This means the person occupying each and every spot must be among the most technically gifted in his or her field. Other hiring criteria include:

1. You must have a genuine passion for space. Without passion, you will find what we're trying to do too difficult. There are much easier jobs.
2. You must want to work in a small company.
3. We are building real hardware. This must excite you. You must be a builder."

That means these guys from Texas must be in with a shout.

Update 23/02/07 Competition for 'Goddard'

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