Friday, February 23, 2007

Competition for "The Goddard"

As you know since I first wrote about Jeff Bezos' plans to enter the space race, code named Blue Origin, the Hill is still visited daily by eager users of Google who come in search of further information.

"Gradatim Ferociter" is still the most popular search term that brings me readers, closely followed by "blog evaluation", "Internet inequality" and "panopticon".
Sometimes I fear that my interest in visitor stats is just a little panoptic!

However, aware of the nature and interests of my readers, may I offer this link to the story of Top Gear in Space.
Readers from the USA should not miss this opportunity to see how we have progressed in the space race on this side of the Atlantic.

Read the production notes or watch the biggest non commercial rocket launch in Europe.
Its a longish clip but so worth watching.
They don't make the comparison, but to my eye the Robin rises higher than The Goddard!

Jeff Bezos has better look out, the Brits are coming!

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