Thursday, February 01, 2007

On the sharing of photographs.

Astute readers of On a Hill will have noticed my presence on Flickr.
Two photographs thats all, one day there will be more but for now two will do.
I placed them not so much as examples of my skill with a camera (sic) but more as objects of research.
I wanted to know how Flickr worked and how it links with Blogger.

I was interested therefore to see several references to Flickr around the blogosphere over the last couple of days.

First an excellent piece of writing by Kottke describing and comparing Flickr and Fotolog. I'd not heard of Fotolog but it certainly merits a look. There's a group based around "the state of " Cardiff with 55 members. In his post Jason writes of Flickrs editorial control:-

"The folks who run Flickr subtly and indirectly discourage poor quality photo contributions. Yes, upload your photos, but make them good. And the community reinforces that constraint to the point where it might seem restricting to some. Fotolog doesn't celebrate excellence like's more about the social aspect than the photos."

I am so dull, I have admired the images to be seen on Flickr and have often wondered why they seem so good. I thought that maybe Flickr users only posted their very best photos. I certainly thought long and hard about which photographs to place.

Later Kottke posted about Flickr again. Old school users of the application are annoyed that they need to change to a Yahoo login. It makes sense but I can see that some might think its all about numbers. I thought the same about the need to hold a Google account to open a new Blogger account. No matter what they say they count their members.

Then this evening while stumbling around in Digg I came across this.
I just don't know what to believe.

Now I'd not heard of Zoto either but it seems there's quite a battle going on out there in cyberspace.

I've lots of digital photographs, but to be honest they're not worth sharing.
I'm certainly not going to pay to share them!

Its unlikely that anyone would want to see them, so they're staying on my hard drive.

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