Sunday, February 04, 2007

No Content!

Grow a Brain points towards this interesting piece by Drew Mackie in California.

Writing on the back of the cereal box Drew says:-

"This post has no actual content. I'm only putting this up so I can tag this post with what Technorati claims are the current most popular tags in the registered blogosphere. I'm just trying to see how much traffic this actually would steer my way. This is only an experiment."

I will be interested to see what effect his tagging experiment has on his stats.

Experiments of this kind a very much of the moment, because the blogosphere having tagged, moves on and tags again.

Checking Technorati a moment ago I note that the list of popular tags has changed. No one's tagging Stacy Schiff any more.

I see she's a Pulitzer winner.
Should I have read any of her work?

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  1. Hey.

    Thanks for the link. I just commented and I think Blogger might have let what I wrote slip into oblivion.

    Anyway, you're not the only one to express interest in my little experiment. I was initially hesitant to do it, as I thought people might mistake my curiosity for mean-spiritedness and be cross with me for having diverted their internet searches. No one's said a harsh word, however. Instead, people who ended up on my blog through Technorati searches for those various phrases almost always ended up staying and looking around a bit -- more so than the average person who finds my blog through a Google search. I'm not sure why there'd be a difference, but there is. Also, three new people have commented on that post. Normally, the only commenters I get are my regular readers. This is all very interesting to me, as I love to see why and how people end up on the internet pages they do.

    As for Stacy Schiff, I still have no idea why she happened to be so popular the day I looked up the top post tags.