Monday, February 12, 2007

Creating a Blogger Archive.

There will come a time when an archive or a backup copy of a blog will be useful.

In an educational setting such a facility could be of use, particularly if the blog is to contain material that might be required as part of an assessment. The author of the blog and the supervising tutor might need a copy.

The Blogger Help files are not that helpful, in as much as "Blogger does not have an import or export function" but Blogger help does answer the question "How do I create a back up of my entire blog?'

But look how complicated that is.
Here is a nice set of instructions that I came across with a little help from Lifehacker.

The same set of instructions offer advice for archiving comments.
Unfortunately the comments are not combined with the original posts.

I have tried out the method using this blog, it works.

Should I ever move blog host, now my words come with me.

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